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This weeks Tech Gadgets Reviews.

This is a new Page I have developed in which I will review new tech gadgets every week  to hit the consumer market. This week I have picked Vanhawks Valour Smart Bike. It connects to a smart phone app which downloads data receive from the bike. The objective of  the “Valour” project is to keep cyclists eyes on the road, it has a GPS system built into the handlebars and also has some other really cool advanced features aswell! When I came across this product I was very taken back by the integration of technology. The “Valour” keeps track of your performance, the distance you have traveled, calories burnt and duration of trip. It has some nifty aspects to it as it learns the routes that one would normally take  for say, to work, then will plot out where the potholes are and which are the safest routes.  The Valour Smart bike is also linked to the Vanhawks network so if it goes “missing” it can be tracked. The bike also has the technology to alert its rider when objects appear from its blind spot, this is another dynamic  safety feature of the Valour Smart Bike.

Price tag for this technology – $1000 – $1,900 depending on whether you like gears or not!! will be ready to ship in November this year. Seems expensive but sure it will be cheaper when it goes into mass production, the Valour is not alone please check out the Media Gallery for more pics. Click here to see more Valour Smart Bike http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpRFINAycfk

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