Mowz… how to mow your lawn from anywhere in the world! On Demand…..

With the continual revolution in app development and a need for technology to help us with all the little things in life the popularity of certain apps has been amazing. On demand start-ups have seen a chance to create niche markets and uses for services not yet available to consumer via smartphone apps. Whether it be ordering a taxi using Hailo or seeking medical advice from Doctor on Demand or even just watching TV shows or videos with UPC Digital, on demand apps are hugely sought after by consumers. Now a New York start-up has developed an app “Mowz” that will allow you to get your lawn mowed with a quick tap of an app.

Mowz… how to mow your lawn from anywhere in the world! On demand….

Mowz works quite simply by downloading the app onto your Android or iOS mobile device. Then when you launch the app you enter your basic account details to set up which will include credit/debit card details from which the app will then charge every time you use it to mow your lawn. Once you have set up all you have to do is set the time and day you want your lawn mowed, this information is sent to Mowz who will then send an insured provider from its network to get the job done! Pic is sent to client after lawn is mowed for confirmation

Mowz App

You can schedule your lawn to be mowed even when you’re not there, from any where in the world via your smartphone. Handy when on holidays! but rear access over locked gated areas might be a problem!

It does cost more to get a lawn mowed using the app than a normal landscaping company would charge (Mowz will calculate how much a job will cost on information provided) , but it is handy! and thats what “the internet of things” is all about. The service is available to over 30 markets in the US and they plan to move it to international markets very soon.

Benefits will definitely show to private estates and management committees wishing to cut down on maintenance fees as no set schedule will need to be kept for lawn mowing.

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One thought on “Mowz… how to mow your lawn from anywhere in the world! On Demand…..

  1. Thanks for the awesome article! We’re actually available in over 30 markets in the U.S. We’re looking into expanding nationally and internationally in the near future.

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