#gokerry part 1

When I was a young lad I would spend most of my Summer holidays on my Uncles farm in North Kerry (Lerrig Cross). I loved it! coming down from the city it was a great feeling of getting out! every summer and other school holidays to the Kingdom.

My trip started when I left Dublin to head for North Kerry on the M7. 3 and 1/2 hours later I arrived at my uncles just outside of Ardfert.

Ardfert Friary (Copyright Mike Searle)

Some Pics of Ballyheigue Beach, Kerry Head and Brandon/Tralee Mountains the  first evening I got down.

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The Road to Dingle

Taking the N86 to Dingle I decided to take the more scenic route up through the infamous Conor Pass. I stopped at the summit before heading down the other side with amazing views of Dingle, here are some pics I took.

Slea Head Drive

I stopped in Dingle for lunch and then headed on to a great a run I remember as a child which is Slea Head Drive, great weather that day which made it all the better!!

A few days later I was in the middle of South Kerry’s scenery as I started to ascended into the Killarney Mountains through the National Park, I stopped at ladies view to snap a few pics.

Click to enlarge images

Map of Kerry

Some interesting reads……








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