Google Glass – Viewing Life Through a Lens

As technology has evolved rapidly over the last few decades, so has the need for reliance on it. SCI – FI films are now the main innovator for many product launching consumer goods. One product that is a year and half old in conception is Google Glass! A real nifty piece of tech, smarter than smart phones! more accurate than voice controlled GPS systems its another tech child from one of the most innovative companies on the planet – Google.

Google Glass

It will probably be the single most innovative product to hit the consumer market in recent years with massive potential to really make a big change in peoples lives. Once mass production & demand kicks in the price point will come down, at the moment a pair of Google Glass will set you back €1000+ and that is a beta version so there will be issues!!

Google Glass

Above illustrates their development as a prototype to a final working beta version. Google Glass is already available in the US and UK no indication yet when they will be in Ireland but you can sign up on if you really wanna pair.

Google Glass

One interesting article I came across on my research was that all UK cinema corporations have decided to ban the wearing of Google Glasses due to their ability to record what you are looking at, but they only have a 45 minute record time ability before switching off. However, where there is a will there is a way, if there is another wearer in the audience they could easily switch on to get another 45 and so on. So I can see their point to ban them.

Google Glass – How they Work


So when you first get your hands on a pair –

  1. To Activate – Tap them and a simple overlay screen will open up, there is no cluttered looking icon displays or images floating around. The wallpaper is what you are looking at.  To activate the glasses and this is the cool part! you tap them again because they are voice activating, say “OK GLASS”
  2. To Take a picture – Once the glasses are activated and recognise your voice alot of other functions will come easily. Taking a picture will be done saying “TAKE A PICTURE” and what is in your view will be taken as a picture. I think the beta version needs some work on this function as the picture quality still relies on good quality lighting, there is no flash! You could use Photoshop or illustrator to fix them up though.
  3. To Make a Video – the same function as above is required to make or  take a video clip. As I mentioned earlier Cinemas in the UK and the US are banning the wear of these gadgets  and also Casinos as a direct attack on their business stability.
  4. Sharing the Experience – Live streaming of video experiences will be just as easy, however privacy issues make slow down the move towards this type of functionality.
  5. If you get Lost – Thats no problem! for Google Glasses as they are your very own portable wearing GPS  navigation device, perfect for travelling or driving.
  6. To Translate – No More Awkward situations trying  to communicate when abroad in a country where your language skills are not up to what the locals could understand. Google Glasses can translate what you are looking at onto the view screen.
  7. Location Awareness – Google Glasses know were you are, they have location awareness technology, so they will throw up relevant content depending on where your present location is. This is one of the products key features based on Google Now the next gen. search engine developed by Google and available on the latest Android  & iPhone Smartphones.


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Tech Spec. Chart

Google Tech Spec.

Google Glass


Enjoy the experience if you buy a pair, let me know what you think in the comment box below.

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