The Tramontana – ‘Pure Fighter Jet – Pure Supercar’

When you think of Spain – you think Sun, Sand, Sea and the slight indulgence in local beer and cocktails. Spain is also well associated with Rioja, Paella and Bull fighting! I got a very interesting surprise when I found a list of the Top 5 Spanish Supercars & Concept Supercars on Car Buzz. One that caught my fancy was the Tramontana. with its fighter jet look, tandem seat arrangement and kick ass acceleration output…..

The Tramontana

‘Pure Fighter Jet – Pure Supercar’


It’s Origins

Launched as a  concept car at the 77th Geneva Motorshow in 2005 with its fighter jet and cockpit design really showed how Spain could produce a Supercar that would blow the Media away by merging the look of a fighter jet with that of a formula 1 sports car. The developers behind the supercar concept are Atelier Tramontana  a motor sport design house from Barcelona, AKA – Wild Wind Cars Company, Spain. Tramontana actually means – ‘northern wind’ in Catalan so a good choice of name and metaphor.

It’s Power 

Just had to take this direct from the site – too good not to snatch and grab

img src –

The Mercedes-Benz V12 XTR version will push over 818BHp delivering a top speed of 200+mph its predecessor packed a whopping 700BHp powertrain so this version which was introduced in 2012 really would cause some serious G’s at top acceleration. The other model is a V10 engine pushing out 600BHp delivering phenomenally fast acceleration with a 0-60 mph touch in just 3.5 secs. They will only produce 12 of these jets a year to keep the unit price up and depreciation down, a new off the block model will cost you around $500K.

It’s Design

The force of the sea, the lightness of the breeze, creativity, passion for design and innovative ideas.

An opinon that I hold on this Supercar is its design is unique, it’s a weekender not a city imp or GT, a trackday car providing the very best experience closest to a Formula 1 machine. Odd looking to the eye at first maybe – like tasting something exotic for the first time but then getting a pleasant after-taste which encourages more investigation. They say that no one production model is the same, a material mixture of Wood, Carbon Fibre, Titanium and Gold are used in developing these exquisite machines. The tandem seat arrangement in the cockpit is there to provide the maximum in aerodynamics whilst keeping that fighter jet cockpit feel and refinement.


In summary
Its fast, light agile and handles like any super car would, be the price tag for something like this is too high. With even 12 produced each year if equates to
$6 Million in revenue for the company – not much in this industry to expand and maybe develop the range. Also price Vs practicality don’t add up as there’s no boot to even put a wash bag in. But having said all that, if you could afford one and are a supercar collector then this is one piece of auto mechanical engineering that you want to have in your gallery. Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment below.

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