The Fastest Production Car Ever?? Hennessey Venom F5 the Real Tornado…

I am fascinated with tornado’s, watched all the Hollywood flicks that have been made about them – 1996 I think with Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. Anyway what have Tornado’s and the New Hennessy Venom F5 have in common?? Well it’s simple…. An F5 Tornado has wind speeds in excess of 200 mph, the largest on the Fujita-Pearson Scale (which measures Tornados  possible disaster path) has similar speed to the Hennessey VenomF5 which has a targeted top speed of 290MPH! Yep that’s gonna leave a lot of other Hypercar manufacturers frowning….. So with this objective in sight for John Hennessy’s company the question needs to be asked – Is the Hennessey #VenomF5 the Real Tornado? Is it to be the fastest production ever??

The answers to both those is Yes! Well I let you know when I get one for Christmas……

Some Spec’s to this Monster
Horse Power: 1500
Top Speed: 290 mph
Acceleration: 0-60 (2.0 secs)
Weight: 1,300 KG

Oh yeah and its gonna cost ye $1.5million in small change…..

The Power Train is a 7 Ltr V8 , Yikes!! …….The Engine will produce 725 Bhp, with its turbo charge kicking in it will exceed the 1000 Bhp + to 1400 Bhp , that’s more than a F1 Race car, which these days is nothing special with all the street and drag customs around at 1000 Bhp +. However, how many have a top speed of 290 MPH?? and a power to rate ratio of 1000 Bhp per tonne??…..Very Few!


The Design All this is due to the design of the car and its chassis, allowing these extreme power pressures to be funneled toward the ground generating downward force to keep her stuck to any road surface. These aerodynamic forces allow the Venom F5 to focus its power on acceleration, going 0 – 60 mph in 2 seconds and a little over 14 seconds to reach 200mph…insane!! Already tested and driven to 270mph its top speed target of 290mph is well in reach! This test run didn’t flinch Guinness Book of Records in handing over the No. 1 fastest land speed production car spot. The Hennessey Group only tested the car in one way and it has to be done in the same run back, not to worry its inevitable it will be done and looks like a car that deserves that spot – the fastest production ever…..


The Interior is made with only the finest leather and sponge tissue filling to keep you comfortable going at MACH 1.  Oh yeah cool Carbon-Fiber dash and trims are standard, simple dash display and functions don’t give a luxury feel like a Pagani Huayra but that’s not what this car is about – the fun is in the ride…..


The Bodyline is made of Hybrid Aluminium and Carbon Fiber, making it strong, more durable and very light (at 1300 KG’s) weight – it’s why the car’s power to rate ratio is so high. Other design elements like a low drag bonnet reducing drag at the front, a narrower rear body width allowing the air flow tight at the back-end, whilst a wider front-end bursts through and creates the air flow. The Venom’s creative production efforts have been all about maximising speed potential and minimising drag, oh yeah also with the help of V8 Twin Turbo Charged 7 ltr Engine….


In Summary

So when can we get to see a video with this road monster in action??, none on interweb! but hopefully this year sometime (due for market delivery)….. Reckon it will sit well with the other Hyper Car Hall of Fame The best way to summarise this blog post is to compare the Hennessey Venom F5 to the current No. 1 worlds fastest car – The Veyron 16.4 Super Sport and the best way to show this comparison is an infographic (see below) so have I proved my point??

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think……
Thanks for reading,


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