SLS AMG Black Series – What an Animal !!

SLS AMG Black Series

I was reading an old #topgear magazine the other day (have a tendency to hold on to these things that I don’t need!) and came across an article about the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series and had to do some research into it and add it to this Blog site. This model was launched in 2013 the original launched in Jan. 2010, but the Black Series was a special version from the “Black Ops” AMG division at Mercedes Benz.

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The SLS AMG Black series has 60bhp extra to an already massive 6.2L engine to deliver 622bhp and an extended redline limit of 8000rpm. 0-60 in 3.5 seconds which is a massive 1/10 of a second faster than a “NON” Black series!! WOW worth it right??

It replaces this the SLR McLaren – What a Bull….


The Mercedes SLS is coated a in a top secret paint that only the GT3 racing models have – very special! Also its top speed is boosted to 196mph!! from 195mph from a “NON” Black series hmmm??, it is also disappointing that it doesn’t do the 200mph considering its 70 kg lighter!

Quick Specs Chart


There is every little bit of detail in this model, the transmission is lowered by 10mm to lower the centre of gravity = better handling, a titanium exhaust reduces weight by 13kg and a lithuim-ion battery further reduces weight by 8kg.

There are all sorts of modifications done to the body of the car.

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More Modifications to the Black Series


Even the interior has been lightened with Alcantara seat covering reducing more weight by 15kg…

Interior of SLS AMG BLACK series

So all in all a different car than its earlier version? Well with the addition of a weight watchers program, using carbon fibre at every possible moment, inspired by the GT3 race version and flashy colour scheme options. It seems that if you have the money and love the car why not! @ $270,000+ g’s its a bargain, why a Kate Middelton painting (YES her Royalness!) will set you back more than that……


Some Great Videos to watch –

SLS AMG Black Series with Hamman Tuning

SLS AMG Black Series Review

To summarise – Its not really fair to say the SLS AMG Black Series will replace the McLaren SLR – it is still a fantastic super-car, one which has such beautiful lines like its been handcrafted from jelly and cream. The SLS is a different type of beast to the McLaren it has all the power-sprint like a cheetah rather than the charge of a bull…


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